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  • How much can I save by installing a Solar PV Plant?
    It all depends on the size of system but the basic thumb rule is 1kWp generats about 120 units/month.
  • How much area do I need to get it installed?
    A simple thumb rule once again is 1kW soalr pannels roughly require 100 sq.ft shadowfree space on the roof. Also, some shaded area on a vertical wall is required to mount the inverter and safety equipments.
  • Who is eligible for net metering connection?
    According to MNRE, anyone with an electricity connection from a DISCOM recognized by MNRE can install an On-Grid Solar PV Plant under net metering policy in India.
  • How much subsidy is provided by government and what is the eligibility?
    Currently central government is providing subsidy i.e., 30% of total benchmark system cost in various states which typically ranges from INR 15,000 to 20,000 depending on in which state you are located. Eligibility - All residential individuals / schools / hospitals registered under non-profit trust can avail at least one time subsidy on their installations.
  • I want to install it on my commercial premises, can I avail subsidy benefit?"
    Commercial establishments can not avail subsidy on their installation but they can avail “Acceleration Depreciation”(AD) on their total investment.
  • What is the ideal size of plant for my home/office/any building ?
    Ideal plant size for your building typically depends on two basic factors: a) Your average electricity consumption and your b)Shade free area available on your rooftop. By evaluating above two factors closely you can decide the right size.
  • Are there any options of mounting structure, to customize look of the plant as per my need ?"
    There are multiple type of structure available with us as per different site conditions. Some of them are prefabricated and some come with flexibility of on site customisation (mostly for difficult roof layout with obstruction to direct sunlight).
  • How much the make of components affect the generation of Solar plant ?
    Quality of every component used is very important since a Solar PV Plant comes with a standard life of 25 years. While assuming all other conditions constant, the components alone can lower your generation by 10-15 percent on annual basis.
  • How many days are required for installing Solar PV Plant ?
    It takes about a month from the date of order confirmation and then requires 3-5 business days on site for a typical residential plant size of 5kWp in standard conditions.
  • What is the difference between “Off-Grid” and “On-Grid” Solar PV System ?
    An “Off-Grid PV System is a system that works independent of grid electricity with the help of batteries while an “On-Grid PV System” comes without batteries & is connected to with grid which eliminates load running problem. You can run limited load on Off-Grid PV Plant since it consists batteries(like you do with your household inverter backup). An Off-Grid PV Plant is suggested if your premises experiences long power cuts frequently.
  • How will I be able to check the generation of my Solar PV Plant ?
    You can check your total daily, monthly & annual generation by your Solar PV Plant simply on your smartphone or computer without going upstairs all the way to rooftop. Even if you are not at your premises you can keep track of your generation analytics virtually from any location in the world where ever you have an active internet connection !
  • What are the advantages of installing Solar PV Plant with BigWit Energy ?
    While there are numerous installers online and we almost always hear people saying that everything looks so similar & confusing due to lack of awareness about PV technology. BigWit Energy is trying solve this big problem for everyone who wants to adopt clean energy >BigWit provides free solar consultation - So, if you are having hard understanding anything related to solar feel free to contact us on 7082955224 >Professional Team- While everything matters when you choose something for 25 years than why call/follow up with installer every time you want to know your project status? Why don’t choose someone who makes journey super smooth, time bound with proactive stage wise updates on project status. >Complimentary Module Cleaning- Yes, you heard it correct. We reach your site after installation every month to clean PV modules every month for 2 years with regular maintenance. >First company with 5 years of complimentary maintenance- BIG YES! We cover it all for 5 years for our residential customers.
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