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Solar Water Heating System

Get Hot water all day long, courtesy of the sun!

Hot water is a basic requirement of any household or commercial establishment which makes up of a major part of your electricity bills. Thankfully, the costs can be reduced to ZERO by using the heat from our sun for this.


Solar Energy is clean, renewable and dependable - So you save money and our planet ! What more can one hope for ?

Types of Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Evacuated Tube System

These systems contain a series of tubes which are used to capture suns heat, and as these tubes are cylindrical in shape, they are able to capture heat from all 360 degrees. The suns rays fall on the the top transparent layer of the tube and then strikes the inner dark coloured tube which has water flowing inside. There is vacuum in between these tubes to maximise efficiency.

Bigwit Energy is the best company to opt for Solar Evacuated Tube Systems.


Flat Plate Collector System

These systems have flat bed solar collectors made up of aluminium body with toughened glass to allow suns rays inside. A dark coated copper absorber plate is used to extract heat from the sun. This plate absorbs the maximum possible heat from the sun and passes it to the water.



We install electrical heating elements as a backup in your solar water heater tanks to heat the water during those days when the sun’s heat is insufficient.

How is the water circulated through the system ?


Due to the difference in specific gravity of hot water and cold water in a container, the hot water stays on top. This simple property is used and a natural flow of cold water from bottom and hot water from top occurs without using any electricity. 

Forced Flow

We use a electrically powered pump to force the cold water into the inlet of solar heat collector. Once the water heats up to the required temperature it is pumped into heated water storage tanks.

Though it seems complex, it’s a fully automated process!

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