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Rain Water Harvesting

What is Rain Water Harvesting ?

Rain water harvesting is collection and storage of rain water that runs off from roof tops, parks, roads or open grounds. This water run off can be either stored or recharged into the ground water as per requirement

How the Plant Functions ?

Catchment from where water is captured and stored or recharged​

Network of pipes transports the caught water to the filter area

In the filter area, sand and pebbles are used to remove pollutants

One the water is filtered, Storage tanks are used to store this water for use around the year or recharge structures are used to release the water underground to raise the ground water level.

Why Choose Us ?

We have an expertise in calculating and designing the water catchment area without compromising the aesthetics of your building or establishment.

Taking into consideration the history of rainfall in your area, expected rainfall we design the size of the system specially for your requirement.

Image by Tim van der Kuip
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