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Borosil Renewable

Borosil Renewables Limited is a glass manufacturer. The company manufactures glassware for industrial, pharmaceutical, and volumetric applications. Borosil Renewables' product line includes bottles, burettes, pipettes, flasks, condensers, ground joints, and extractors. Borosil Renewables Limited is India's first and only manufacturer of solar glass.


"The fundamentals of Borosil Renewables Limited are extremely strong and the stock is currently trading at a favourable price," Sandeep Jain stated. The company's return on capital employed (ROCE) is 30%. If you look at the profit CAGR of the company over the last three to four years, it has grown at a rate of 28 percent; the company has also grown at a rate of 19-20 percent in terms of sales.

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Borosil Renewable solar glass

"Borosil Renewables Limited is a cash-flow positive business. The company's PAT (profit after tax) in March 2020 was 4 crores, but it increased to 67 crores in March 2021. The company is owned by both FIIs and DIIs. The company's stock is trading at a reasonable price. "I'm a big believer in this stock," Jain stated on the show.

Shares of Borosil Company: As the stock market recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of stocks have entered the list of multibagger stocks for 2021. Borosil Renewables is one of the Indian stock market's multibaggers. This multibagger penny stock has soared from 34.95 to 694 per share in approximately 19 months, appreciating nearly 1900% during this time period.

Borosil shares have risen nearly 36% in the last month, from around 510 to 694. This multibagger stock has increased by 166 percent in the last six months, from 260 to 690. Similarly, over the last year, this multibagger penny stock has soared from 170 to 694, a gain of approximately 310 percent.
On 29th May 2020, this multibagger penny stock closed at 34.95 on the NSE, while on 17th December 2021, it closed at 694 on the NSE. Thus, over the last 19 months, the multibagger penny stock has increased by approximately 1900%.

Using the share price history of this multibagger penny stock as a guide, an investor who invested 1 lakh in this counter one month ago would now own 1.36 lakh. If an investor had invested Rs. 1 lakh in this multibagger stock six months ago, his or her initial investment would have grown to Rs. 2.66 lakh today. Similarly, if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this multibagger penny stock a year ago and remained invested throughout, his or her initial investment would have grown to Rs 4.10 lakh today.

A 350 percent rally in a year may not seem like much in the context of the Indian stock market's current wild bull run. However, Borosil Renewables' awe-inspiring performance comes in the face of threats to its monopoly on the Indian solar glass market. For more than a decade, the family-owned business has been the country's sole manufacturer of solar glass.

Similarly, if an investor invested 1 lakh in this multibagger penny stock 19 months ago, purchasing one share at 34.95 levels, the investor's 1 lakh would have grown to 20 lakh today if the investor had remained invested in the counter until today.

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