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Solar Company in Pune

In India, Pune has one of the highest slab in electricity charges per units. Investing in rooftop solar plant in Pune is one of the fastest growing and quick returns investment.
Install on-grid rooftop solar plant with Bigwit Energy in Pune and enjoy freedom from electricity bills.

- CAPEX model
- OPEX model
- Easy financing options

Simple Steps of installing rooftop solar in Pune

Site Visit:
Schedule a site visit at your convenience with us. We would drop by and analyse your roof, your electricity bills and the load shedding pattern (if any) and then suggest you with the optimal size of rooftop solar plant you should install on your rooftop.
Accordingly, we would provide with your investment options in solar, according to the components opted like solar panels and solar inverter.

Once you finalise the layout of solar panels, solar inverter on your roof and the wiring plan, we should start with the net-metering approvals process from the DISCOM (MSEB, TATA, etc). Getting approval from the DISCOM generally takes about 10-15days.

In the backend, we start readying the components to be used in your rooftop solar plant before the approval is expected to come in.

Installation of Solar Plant:
After we receive approvals from the local DISCOM for net-metering, we start the on-site installation of the solar plant. It generally takes about 8-10 days to install rooftop solar plant in Pune. We meanwhile, also submit the required documents and solar panels and inverter details to DISCOM for further processing at their end. Once the solar plant is installed and the documents at DISCOM are complete the only task left is to turn on the installed rooftop solar plant.

Commissioning of Solar Plant:
The existing electricity meter at your place in Pune is replaced with net-meter or bi-directional meter. We then turn on the solar plant which starts producing electricity instantly and give you a demo of the whole solar plant. Online monitoring App is also installed on your phone to help you track the electricity generation from your solar plant.

Financial models for installing rooftop solar in Pune

CAPEX model:

This model is best suited for everyone who wishes to install rooftop solar and enjoy all the benefits of the rooftop solar plant has to offer. This is a simple transaction where you own the solar plant and all the energy it generates.
If you are a GST registered entity, you can avail GST benefit along with the accelerated depreciation option as allowed by the Indian goverment.

RESCO / PPA model:

If your requirement for rooftop solar in Pune is above 100kW, you can install it on PPA arrangement. PPA model also known as free solar involves three parties - customer, solar epc company and the solar developer. 
The solar developer invests in the upfront amount required for installation of solar rooftop plant on the customers property by the solar epc company. The customer is only charged for the electricity generated by the solar plant installed which is lower than the grid charges. Maintenance for the solar plant is done by the solar epc company or the developer.

Financing options:

Bigwit Energy can provide you with easy financing options to install solar rooftop in Pune. Our financial partners provide with the best competitive interest rates in market to install solar. This way, you don’t have to bear the high upfront investment in solar plant and yet get to own the asset.

Customers eligible for solar rooftop with Bigwit Energy

Industrial Solar

Industries like manufacturing or service, have a lot of electricity draining devices. Pune has very high per unit energy charges. The energy consumed by these devices can be easily be generated by the solar plant on your rooftop, allowing you to focus on your business expansion, not on the electricity bills.


Hotels or in hospitality industry, you need to keep up with the luxury demands of your customers in Pune. Running all the Air Conditioning load or lighting load on Rooftop Solar allows hotels to save huge on their electricity bill.

Commercial Solar

All shopping complex, commercial parks like office spaces by default run a lot of Air conditioning load along with the gadests load. Installing Rooftop solar for commercial places can help you save upto 95% of your electricity bills.

Residential Solar

If you have your own rooftop in Pune and electricity bill of about 3000 and above, you can easily save upto 96% of your electricity bills installing rooftop solar by Bigwit. You can also get easy financing options with loan tenures upto 36 months.

Reach us for Rooftop solar

You can contact us on 7666068255 or send us an email on to schedule a site visit or get more details on solar rooftop in Pune by Bigwit Energy.

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